About Us

The Ohio Regional Development Corporation had its beginnings in the late 1970’s as the the County Development Office. During those years, the office operated a variety of programs that were available through the State and Federal Governments.

In 1990, the office began a more aggressive approach to acquiring grants for the community. As we obtained more grants, we also widened our horizons to look for other available funding to satisfy the needs of the community. The result of that search has been more grants, more projects, and enhanced community improvement. Because of our successes, other communities began asking for our assistance in obtaining funding and administering projects.

Therefore, our office formed a non-profit corporation in October 1995. This was done with the same staff as we had under the county government. The non-profit corporation then went on to sign agreements with several Cities and Counties throughout Central Ohio in its first few years to continue applying for grants, and administering them for those communities.

The staff at ORDC has grown to accommodate our increased workload. Currently, the director and ten staff members in our Coshocton office, in addition to ten staff members in satellite locations are working on projects with entities in the north, central, and southeast areas of Ohio.

The staff stays up-to-date on all current “best practices” by attending all OHCP sponsored trainings as well as other continuing education courses in their respective areas of expertise.