Community Development

Community Development Program

Goal: To provide communities with a flexible housing and community development resource that can be used to address locally identified needs that are eligible CDBG activities and qualify under the national objective of Low- and Moderate-Income Benefit or Elimination of Slum and Blight.


The program will include a set-aside of competitive neighborhood revitalization funds for projects designed to improve the quality of life, livability and functionality of distressed areas and neighborhoods to carry out a comprehensive strategy of revitalization. This includes, but is not limited to, projects designed to stabilize and enhance residential neighborhoods or activities that support redevelopment of Brownfield sites (adjacent to low-moderate residential neighborhoods) or commercial (non-central business district) or industrial sites (excluding direct loans to businesses).

The program will also include a set-aside of competitive microenterprise business development grant funds for projects designed to create or maintain microenterprise programs in CDBG eligible communities.


Water and Sanitary Sewer Program

Goal: The primary goal of the Water and Sanitary Sewer Program is the creation of a safe and sanitary living environment for Ohio citizens, through the provision of safe and reliable drinking water and proper disposal of sanitary waste.